About the Course

Living Life to the Full is the first of a range of new resources for young people that aim to be:

  • Engaging
  • Story-based – you tell the story, they learn
  • Build on how you think and work with young people
  • Gives you resources to teach- with attractive support materials
  • Includes everyday situations faced by young people at home andschool
  • Use the engaging characters to focus attention
  • Posters and Feelings cards make learning about emotions fun
  • Help listeners work out why they feel as they do- and make smallchanges that add up
  • No jargon- yet retains the key elements needed for effective change

Why we eat elephants?

Problems children and young people (and adults) face often seem big like elephants.If you were faced with the challenge of how to eat an elephant (or a largepumpkin if you are vegetarian!), how would you do it?

One chunk at a time of course. Problems can be tackled exactly like that -by breaking them down into chunks.

“We eat Elephants” badges, Colouringsheets and Feelings cards are just some of the fun resources in the LivingLife to the Full (LLTTF) We Eat Elephants course.