Meet the Characters

This is Adam

Adam loves music. His favourite thing is listening to music, and learning how to play instruments. He would love to learn to play the drums, and he would like nothing more than to be in a band when he’s older. He hopes one day his mum might buy him his own drum kit.

Adam also likes science, especially when it means you can go outside and look at plants and animals. He has a pet dog, who he loves to chase around the house.

This is Beth

Beth’s favourite colour is purple. She wears something purple nearly every day, and loves to wear her purple headband. The best thing about school for Beth is when it’s time to paint. She is always ready to get her apron on and paint lovely pictures or make things. She loves to laugh and is always making other people giggle.

Beth also loves shopping with her Nan. Every weekend, they go to the mall together and shop for all things purple, which is always really exciting.

This is Chloe

Chloe loves to read stories, in fact, her room is getting so full of books, her Mum says she might have to get rid of some! Chloe’s ideal day would be sitting with her cat, reading stories and being quiet. She has a bedroom to herself, which means she can sit and read whenever she likes without being disturbed.

Chloe also likes to pretend play – her friends are always asking her to make up games and stories for them, as she has a great imagination.

This is Deepak

Deepak is the most sporty boy in his class. He loves to play football in P.E., especially when he is the captain of the team and gets to choose who plays with him. He also loves to play football on his games console, and wishes he could play all day without having to go to school.

Deepak is in the local under 10’s football team, and his Dad takes him to play every Saturday. This is the best part of Deepak’s week, and he loves seeing his Dad cheering him on.